- 27 lug.- 07:00

Cat Rock Capital Issues Presentation on Just Eat Takeaway.com

Business Wire.

Just Eat Takeaway.com Communication with Investors Deeply Flawed

Poor Transparency Leaves Just Eat Takeaway.com Vulnerable Despite Strong Results

Just Eat Takeaway.com Should Immediately Increase Transparency and Actively Evaluate Strategic Actions to Drive Shareholder Value

- 26 lug.- 16:10

Private and Public Sector Join Forces Under the Umbrella of the kENUP Foundation: BioNTech Announces Project to Develop the First mRNA-Based Prophylactic Malaria vaccine, and the set-up of Manufacturing Infrastructures in Africa

Business Wire.
  • BioNTech’s Malaria project aims at the development of the first mRNA-based vaccine for Malaria prevention and the implementation of sustainable solutions for vaccine supply on the African continent
  • BioNTech is evaluating end-to-end mRNA vaccine production capacities in Africa; will co-locate with the WHO technology transfer hubs, in alignment with Africa CDC’s manufacturing strategy
  • Programme to eradicate Malaria initiated by eradicateMalaria, a platform run by kENUP Foundation in close cooperation with WHO, supported by the European Commission, the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
- 26 lug.- 11:00

First-of-Its-Kind “Pathways to Dairy Net Zero” Initiative to Raise Climate Ambition for the Global Dairy Sector

Business Wire.
  • Global Pathways to Dairy Net Zero initiative is being created to accelerate climate change action throughout the dairy sector.
  • New research is being conducted to identify where positive change is possible across all types of dairy systems and regions.
  • The entire international dairy supply chain, which produces nutritious foods for six billion people and provides livelihoods for one billion people worldwide, is called on to increase their climate actions and join this movement.
  • Initiative announced at the UN Food Systems Pre-Summit (Rome) on Monday, July 26, 19.30 CEST.
- 26 lug.- 08:30

 Women in India are the first in the world to receive new heat-stable carbetocin formulation to prevent excessive bleeding after childbirth

Business Wire.
  • Excessive bleeding after birth (postpartum haemorrhage or PPH) is preventable yet is a leading direct cause of maternal mortality worldwide, causing around 70,000 deaths each year1
  • New formulation of carbetocin is heat-stable – meaning it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, often a challenge in low- and lower-middle income countries
  • Heat-stable carbetocin is now being used in clinical practice for the first time in healthcare settings in India – more countries to follow
- 23 lug.- 16:02

Schlumberger comunica i risultati registrati nel secondo trimestre del 2021

Business Wire.
  • Utile globale pari a 5,6 miliardi di dollari, ossia un aumento dell’8% in termini sequenziali
  • Utile estero pari a 4,5 miliardi di dollari e a 1,1 miliardi di dollari per il Nord America
  • Rendimento per azione pari a $0,30, ovvero un aumento del 43% in termini sequenziali
  • Flusso di cassa generato dalle operazioni pari a 1,2 miliardi di dollari e flusso di cassa libero pari a 869 milioni di dollari
  • Approvato dal Consiglio di amministrazione un dividendo trimestrale in contanti di $0,125 per azione
- 23 lug.- 13:53

Inseego svela 5G Industrial Gateway, il non plus ultra

Business Wire.

— Inseego Wavemaker™ PRO 5G S2000e offre velocità e versatilità senza pari —

  • Realizzato per offrire un sostenuto output di dati al secondo di più gigabit
  • Dual SIM per garantire flessibilità, affidabilità e continuità nell’attività economica
  • Gestione a distanza basata su cloud e sicurezza in tempo reale
  • Versatilità nella distribuzione per ambienti esigenti
  • Progettato e sviluppato negli Stati Uniti

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