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    • 17:56
    • 07 Feb

    Croatia: National Bank checking copyright issue on euro coin

    Author claims he will withdraw his proposal
    • 17:43
    • 07 Feb

    Macron to Putin, talks can 'start de-escalation' on Ukraine

    At a meeting in Moscow
    • 12:36
    • 07 Feb

    Covid: Croatia at the top in EU for deaths per million

    In 2021 12,000 more than in the pre-pandemic year
    • 20:16
    • 05 Feb

    Montenegro government toppled in no-confidence vote

    Krivokapic said he would likely be forced to step down
    • 14:55
    • 04 Feb

    Montenegro: the vote of no confidence raises tensions

    Police reinforced in Podgorica
    • 14:51
    • 04 Feb

    Erdogan accuses West of making Ukraine crisis 'worse'

    Biden "has not yet been able to demonstrate a positive approach"
    • 16:16
    • 03 Feb

    Czechs, Poland sign deal on coal mine that caused EU rift

    It caused stand-off between Warsaw and Brussels
    • 15:02
    • 03 Feb

    Polish president moves to scrap court body contested by EU

    Chamber was perceived as backsliding on democratic standards
    • 17:33
    • 02 Feb

    US deploys troops to support NATO in Ukraine standoff

    To Romania, Germany and Poland
    • 16:13
    • 02 Feb

    Germany blocks German-language Russian channel

    At a time of diplomatic tensions between Berlin and Moscow
    • 13:19
    • 02 Feb

    El Pais, the US ready to reduce missiles in Romania,Bulgaria

    Renunciation of Tomahawk cruise missiles and Aegis system
    • 13:17
    • 02 Feb

    Turkey says 12 migrants pushed back by Greece die at border

    Stripped off from their clothes and shoes have frozen to death
    • 17:05
    • 01 Feb

    Romania: Confindustria launched Eastern Europe Study Center

    Geopolitical analysis on Balkans, Eurasia, Caucasus, Black Sea
    • 17:02
    • 01 Feb

    Ukraine: 'US and Kosovo alongside Kyiv, Russia a threat'

    US ambassador to Pristina, Europe's security in danger
    • 15:08
    • 01 Feb

    Ukraine to bolster military as Russia tensions soar

    Zelensky, " decree is not because there will soon be war"
    • 12:47
    • 01 Feb

    Putin to host EU ally Orban amid Ukraine crisis

    Budapest has taken a softer line with Moscow