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    • 15:47
    • 08 Oct

    Budapest mayor quits primary to select Orban challenger

    Karacsony was widely seen as the favourite
    • 15:45
    • 08 Oct

    Fishery: Italy, we are working on a deal along the Adriatic

    Minister Patuanelli, 'a diplomatic deal conducted by FM Di Maio'
    • 13:05
    • 08 Oct

    Poland: French minister, court ruling 'attack against EU'

    Beaune: "When you join a club you sign a contract"
    • 13:04
    • 08 Oct

    Minorities: Italy set legal basis for returning Narodni Dom

    Italian Senator Tatjana Rojc speaks of "historical" step
    • 09:44
    • 08 Oct

    Czech PM, named in Pandora probe, leads polls ahead of vote

    Results are expected later on Saturday.
    • 09:43
    • 08 Oct

    Polish court rules against supremacy of EU law

    Brussels say all tools would be used to preserve EU law
    • 19:49
    • 07 Oct

    Kurz moves forward, false allegations, I will defend myself'

    'The presumption of innocence is a pillar of democracy'
    • 19:37
    • 07 Oct

    Ukraine: case of polio confirmed in toddler

    Child has symptoms of being paralysed
    • 14:48
    • 07 Oct

    Ex-Nazi guard, 100, refuses to discuss atrocities at trial

    Schuetz accused of assisting in murder of 3,518 prisoners
    • 14:48
    • 07 Oct

    Draghi thanks Merkel for decisive role in EU future

    German leader leaving the helm after 16 years in charge
    • 14:47
    • 07 Oct

    Migrants: Croatia launch task force to investigate violence

    After new video show masked persons beating refugees at border
    • 19:22
    • 06 Oct

    Austria ruling party raided over media corruption claims

    Over claims that government money was used in a corrupt deal
    • 18:39
    • 06 Oct

    EU leaders, Balkans are strategic, commitment to enlargement

    Italy's premier Draghi, enlargement should gain momentum
    • 13:09
    • 06 Oct

    Frustrated Balkans seek reassurance at EU summit

    Slovenia currently holds rotating presidency
    • 13:02
    • 06 Oct

    German Greens, coalition with Social Democrats, Liberals

    Party came third in the polls
    • 15:40
    • 05 Oct

    EU-Balkans summit: draft, enlargement based on reforms

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