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Italian FM, 'working to avoid of military escalation'

Di Maio, 'Crisis only 2,000 kilometers from Trieste'

08 February, 17:27
(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 8 - 'The Ukrainian crisis is a priority of the government's European and international agenda. We are working to avoid the worrying risk of a military escalation. It would add to the already heavy consequences, in humanitarian, geopolitical, and economic terms, of an open conflict that has been going on for almost a decade on the borders of Europe, just 2,000 kilometers from Trieste. A conflict that since 2014 has already caused 15,000 deaths among soldiers, fighters and civilians, and 1,5million refugees inside Ukraine, and 500,000 in Russia'". Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio told the joint committees on Foreign Affairs and Defense.


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