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Ukraine: We have emergency plans for gas crisis-Cingolani

"We'd be hurt since 95% consumption is imported methane'

28 January, 16:35
(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 28 - Italy has emergency contingency plans in the event of a gas crisis sparked by a possible conflict in Ukraine, where Russia has massed troops on the border amid invasion fears, Ecological Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani said Friday. Italy's energy mix is based on imported gas which accounts for 95% of that consumed, he noted, and "we could be hurt in the case of a global crisis of gas suppliers. "We are monitoring the geopolitical situation, but it is a thing in rapid motion, minute by minute, it is hard to say what will happen tomorrow. "We naturally have emergency plans, but let's hope they won't be necessary", Cingolani told Bloomberg TV. US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen issued a joint statement later saying the US and the EU are working together to ensure "sufficient and timely supplies of natural gas to Europe from various sources to avert supply shocks". (ANSA).

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