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Chambers of commerce: Cosenza, €3,5mm to businesses in 201

Grants provided within a short time

31 December, 12:57
(ANSA) - COSENZA, DEC. 29 - The Cosenza Chamber of Commerce gave more than three and a half million euros to companies in 2017.

''This result - a press release issued by the Chamber reported - goes with punctuality and short times between the publication of a call for bids and the submission of applications, and then the publication of the rankings and the provision of grants. The overall amount of grants to businesses was €1,624,759.03. As for the call for bids with regard to direct investments in energy saving, 439,000 euros (grants and vouchers) were distributed among 110 companies.

In terms of funding related to the development of innovative investments in digital video surveillance systems (electronic police), the Chamber of Commerce has allocated, after an initial allocation of 500,000 euros, another 500,000, to 256 companies.

The initiative was devoloped through a partnership supported by the Prefecture of Cosenza, among the Chamber of Commerce, the police and trade associations. Another 18,000 euros were awarded to 6 companies in relation to the digital vouchers of Enterprise 4.0, which proposed two measures: projects aimed at introducing technology or at training and consulting services for the introduction of new technology.

In addition, the Chamber of Commerce has distributed grants amounting to €95,000 through the ''Cool Turismo'' call for bids, 80 thousand through the tender for female companies, 2,500 through the ''Artigiano in fiera'' call for bids. Some work experience projects were financed with 190,000 thousand euros.

The promotional expenses amount to €918,094.72. This expenditure item also includes the implementation (32,000 euros) of the PID, Punto impresa digitale. The PID is a network dedicated to developing and disseminating digital culture and practice in all economic sectors. A ''virtual'' network in addition to the network of physical points, through the use of a wide range of digital tools.(ANSA).

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