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Chamber of Commerce: in Cosenza, innovation deal

Signed by the Chamber, Unioncamere and University of Calabria

07 December, 19:51
(ANSA) - COSENZA - ''The Cosenza Chamber of Commerce is not only an excellence of our country, but also and a vision. I do appreciate president Klaus Algieri very much, he is a friend of mine, he is a new representative of southern Italy'', said Ivan Lo Bello, president of Italy's Unioncamere, speaking today in the Petraglia hall of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce, during the presentation of the PID, Punto impresa digitale (digital business).

Klaus Algieri and Ivan Lo Bello, respectively president of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce and Unioncamere, signed this morning, along with the dean of the University of Calabria Gino Mirocle Crisci, a memorandum of understanding that aims to promote, support, strengthen and spread the innovation culture.

''Innovation and digitisation - Algieri said - are two of our long-standing points: we are moving forward in Enterprise 4.0 because we know that our economy needs innovation. These words said by President Ivan Lo Bello represent a certificate of esteem for the 80,000 companies taking part in this Chamber of Commerce''.

''The agreement signed with the University of Calabria and the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce - Ivan Lo Bello underlined - is the symbol of the ability of Southern Italy to proceed towards the construction of a strong digital network. Unioncamere has decided to undertake this experience along with two outstanding partners: we need to raise the companies' level of awareness, here in Cosenza there is the ability to add substance to this goal''.

65% of SMEs know Enterprise 4.0. This is already a good result.

''There is a synergy - said Gino Mirocle Crisci - between some important stakeholders in this region. I often meet with president Algieri and today we are finally able to create something different, through this important agreement''. The PID is dedicated to the dissemination of digital culture among the SMEs in any economic sector. In addition to the network of ''physical'' points, a ''virtual'' network is set up through the use of a wide range of digital tools: specialized websites, forums and communities, social media. The event was attended by Gianfranco Ruta, coordinator of the Unioncamere digital business point project, Andrea Attanasio - Unical teacher and head of the Laison office, Domenico Mauriello, director of the ''G. Tagliacarne'' Institute, Luca Gelmetti (Festo Company). The meeting was moderated by Erminia Giorno, general secretary of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce. Awards were delivered to the winners of the ''Investments and Ideas 4.0 contest: let's talk about the initiatives of the province of Cosenza''. The company ''Callbatt Srl'' won the first prize, ''3D Resarch'' came second. (ANSA).

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