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Comm. Chambers: Algieri at OECD described "Open" revolution

Cosenza president at 0PSI's 'Innovation Conference talk'

22 November, 15:38
(ANSA) - COSENZA, NOV. 22 - The president of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce, Klaus Algieri, explained the 'cultural revolution' launched through #OpenCameraCosenza at the OPSI's Innovation Conference talk in Paris. OSPI belongs to OECD, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development composed of 35 states (including the US, Canada and Japan).

Efficiency, effectiveness, quality of service and user satisfaction are the four criteria according to which OPSI (Observatory of Public Sector Innovation established by OECD in 2014) evaluated the #OpenCameraCosence experience, generated solely thanks to the internal resources and employees of the Chamber of Commerce led by Algieri, who recently appointed as also national president of Si.Camera.

''The most difficult barrier to overcome - said president Algieri - was what Raffaele Cantone, president of the National Anti-Corruption Authority, called 'natural resistance to change'. Not everyone has the courage to leave the 'comfort zones' of the old and often bad habits. I have convinced myself and my staff that we should do more and that we could set up, here in Calabria, southern Italy, an exportable and truly virtuous model. This is an innovative communication system that allows everybody to communicate by using an immediate language.

The problem was essentially a problem of communication. I have given great value and space to our employees, those who are able to face important challenges. #OpenCameraCosenza is far more than an innovative project. It is a cultural change. A systemic revolution that has created a virtuous circle and established a closer cooperation between local enterprises and the chamber''.

''#OpenCameraCosence - a press release from the Chamber of Commerce reported - is a public administration that starts from setting up its new organizational chart, with less bureaucracy, simplification of administrative action and optimization. A reorganization of human resources that has allowed us to redefine tasks and functions in accordance with staff attitudes and expectations. Faster procedures, simplification, digitization innovation and transparency are the synthesis of this turning point, starting from the South, here in Calabria, and in the province of Cosenza. An innovative system made up of organization and communication, new media, social networks, digital platforms, 'Qrcode' and augmented reality, and digitization of the chamber's cultural heritage of and the drafting of a Social Report in which it is possible to keep under control our salaries and expenses''.(ANSA).

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