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Chambers of commerce:Algieri elected chairman of "Si.Camera"

"I received a broad mandate, greater sense of responsibility"

13 November, 19:43
(ANSA) - COSENZA, NOV. 13 - Klaus Algieri, President of the Cosenza Chamber of Commerce, was elected chairman of ''Si.Camera'', a national company owned by Unioncamere, during the Rome Assembly. ''I have received a broad-based mandate from the assembly'', Algieri said, ''therefore I feel a much greater sense of responsibility''. I thank the President of Unioncamere, Ivan Lo Bello, the colleagues and the secretary general of Uniocamere, Giuseppe Tripoli. We continue to move along the path of innovation and communication in the spirit of ''Si.Camera'' mission.

''Si.Camera'' is a company owned by the chambers of commerce that provides services in accordance with the tasks that Law 580/93 entrusts to the Chambers of Commerce, their Regional Unions and the National Union.

Unioncamere coordinates the initiatives that concern all Italian chambers, can make programme agreements, conclude deals and conventions with central state administration, and national or local public bodies.

On July 18, 2014, the company incorporated the Chambers of Commerce of Italy s.r.l. - Universitas Mercatorum LLC and Mondimpresa LLC, bringing in professionals and expertise and making them available for all customers.

The fulfillment of ''Si.Camera'' projects, products and services is based on expertise in specific areas; each area represents a homogeneous aggregate of professionalism, know-how, systems and tools that can guarantee a technical skill to cope with the strategic issues and commitments regarding the Chambers' System and the market. ''Si.Camera'' focuses its business on economic and statistical studies, communication and the Web, global markets, industrial property, market regulation, organization and technical assistance, supply chains and local development. The company's mission focuses on the implementation of integrated projects that can benefit from the various professional skills available within the company.(ANSA).

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