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    • 10:39
    • 06 Oct

    Ukraine: Russian missiles hit Zaporizhzhia, casualties

    Rockets fired at high-rise buildings: governor
    • 09:50
    • 05 Oct

    Putin signs bills to annex four regions of Ukraine

    Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia
    • 09:50
    • 05 Oct

    Ukraine continues to make progress in counteroffensive: UK

    Units are now approaching the borders of Luhansk Oblast
    • 09:49
    • 05 Oct

    GB: progressi Kiev a Est e Sud,pronti a colpire nodo Svatove

    'Russi temono stop a rifornimenti e avvicinamento a Lugansk'
    • 22:02
    • 04 Oct

    Who-Europe:healthcare crucial for cohesion

    Scano (Who Rep. Serbia), also for economic development
    • 21:50
    • 04 Oct

    Ukraine: Cei, new emergency, pandemic was testing ground

    Apuzzo, Covid was useful for crises response development
    • 15:12
    • 04 Oct

    Zelensky signs decree:to negotiate with Russia is impossible

    Decision made on September 30 by Defense Council
    • 13:22
    • 04 Oct

    Putin orders nuclear military train to Ukraine: The Times

    To demonstrate willingness to use weapons of mass destruction
    • 09:10
    • 04 Oct

    Ukraine: Nvidia ceases all operations in Russia

    US company had already suspended shipments
    • 15:21
    • 03 Oct

    Russian parliament backs Putin's annexation bill

    With no abstentions or votes against the annexation
    • 09:44
    • 03 Oct

    Austin, possible Putin uses nukes,but no signs in this sense

    'He is the one who decides, no checks on him"
    • 09:36
    • 03 Oct

    Ukraine says key eastern town 'cleared' of Russian troops

    Latest development in Kyiv's weeks-long counter-offensive
    • 12:44
    • 02 Oct

    Pope,deplores annexation territories Ukraine,violated rights

    Putin to stop violence, Zelensky to open peace talks
    • 19:04
    • 01 Oct

    Centrists set to win as Latvia holds elections

    Expert Krastins said premier Karins was "most likely" to win
    • 16:48
    • 01 Oct

    Ukraine forces 'entering' Lyman, key town in Donetsk

    In the eastern Donetsk region that Russia annexed a day earlier.
    • 18:44
    • 30 Sep

    Kyiv requests accelerated membership to NATO: Zelensky

    After Russia annexed four Moscow-held regions of Ukraine