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    • 19:12
    • 30 Sep

    EU: cross-border cities, strength lies in intersections

    Summit in Gorizia and Nova Gorica (Slovenia) with six countries
    • 13:14
    • 28 Sep

    Poland,Bulgaria urge their citizens to leave Russia urgently

    "Using currently available means of transport"
    • 12:54
    • 28 Sep

    Poland: former ministry 'thanks' US after Nord Stream

    Russian Foreign Ministry reacts
    • 16:01
    • 27 Sep

    EU energy ministers call for gas price cap: media

    Including Slovenia and Croatia
    • 10:55
    • 26 Sep

    Polish PM hails far-right's 'great victory' in Italy vote

    'Two countries would be strong together'
    • 17:52
    • 13 Sep

    Cividale among EU cities boosting growth with festivals

    Mittelfest's support. The EFFE Seal project starts in Armenia.
    • 14:51
    • 09 Sep

    Social media: expert, based on images, less information

    Panel at Economic Forum in Karpacz
    • 20:07
    • 08 Sep

    European news agency alliance against fake news is born

    European Newsroom, ANSA, DPA, AFP are among the founding members
    • 17:53
    • 08 Sep

    Ukraine: expert, Russia will lose the economic war

    Borys, Putin had been preparing for years with targeted actions
    • 14:55
    • 08 Sep

    Poland, Baltics agree EU visa ban plan for Russians

    "National temporary measures" announced
    • 13:01
    • 08 Sep

    Poland: Economic forum, Zelensky man of the year 2022

    Gala evening at the 'Davos of the East.'
    • 18:51
    • 07 Sep

    Poland together with the Czech Rep., for new rules on energy

    The announcement by Morawiecki and Fiala at the Karpacz Forum
    • 18:40
    • 07 Sep

    Poland PM, EU should be more generous with aid to Ukraine

    Morawiecki, 'it should give Kyiv not only grants but also loans'
    • 18:30
    • 07 Sep

    Energy: Morawiecki, EU machine jammed; let's intervene soon

    Polish PM spoke at the 31st Economic Forum in Karpacz
    • 08:35
    • 06 Sep

    'European Newsroom' to be officially launched in Brussels

    Cooperation between news agencies, including ANSA
    • 08:25
    • 06 Sep

    Focus on 'new challenges' at Economic Forum in Poland

    At largest political and economic event in Central Europe.