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    • 16:53
    • 24 Jan

    Amb. Silvestri, Skopje wants the EU,Italy stands by its side

    'We supported them in several areas to help them with accession'
    • 18:20
    • 23 Jan

    We have to work for stability in the Balkans: Italian FM

    Tomorrow in Trieste 'we will indicate the path to follow'
    • 16:40
    • 20 Jan

    Serbia: Vucic met Germany envoy and regional ambassadors

    Focus on the Balkan situation and bilateral relations
    • 08:53
    • 14 Jan

    Prodi, the EU should include former Yugoslavia and Albania

    'War in Ukraine will end only with US-China deal'
    • 19:08
    • 12 Jan

    Tajani,on January 24 partnership conference with the Balkans

    Italian FM, 'the region is strategic for the Italian government'