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Bulgaria: third and final attempt to form a government

Little chance of success for the socialists. Towards elections

27 August, 15:26
(ANSA) - SOFIA, AUG 27 - The president of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, gave today the Socialist Party (BSP) the third and final mandate to form a new government.

The Socialist Party is the third biggest political force in parliament, and the constitution provides for a maximum of three mandates to form a government, after which a new election takes place.

However, in recent days, the new populist and anti-system party 'There is a people like this' (ITN) led by television showman Slavi Trifonov, winner of the early parliamentary elections of July 11, and the conservative party Gerb, the second biggest political force in parliament, whose leader Boyko Borissov had remained in government for nearly ten years in a row.

Socialist leader Kornelia Ninova said she would have meetings with some of the six political forces in parliament to appoint a 'consensus premier,' but there is little chance she will be able to set up a new government, taking into account that both the ITN and the Gerb have already made it known that they will not support a government proposed by the socialists.

Once this option has been exhausted, early elections should be held in Bulgaria again, the third this year. According to analysts, early elections are the most likely scenario. (ANSA).

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