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Afghanistan:Orban on migrants,'let's not bring trouble here'

Hungary and Austria warn of new migrations waves

23 August, 19:59
(ANSA) - BELGRADE, AUG 23 - The Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warned about a possible new wave of migration from Afghanistan and said it is in Hungary's interest to keep people who want to leave Afghanistan in the neighbouring countries and not to Europe, the government portal About Hungary reported today. Orban added that cooperation with Turkey on the matter would be "key", while Hungary must also foster strong ties with countries along the Balkan migration route. "Let's send assistance there, not bring trouble here," Orban noted added.

"The events in Afghanistan are dramatic, but we must not repeat the mistakes of 2015. The people from Afghanistan should be helped in neighboring states. The EU must secure the external borders and fight illegal migration and people smugglers," Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wrote on Twitter today.


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