Foreign ministry warns kids leaving for Greece

Crisis unit writes to company laying on 23/7 trip

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 20 - The foreign ministry's crisis unit in Rome on Tuesday warned a company that has organised a trip to Greece by 400 young Italians starting July 23 that they will face health risks due to COVID-19.
    "Any movement, in this period, may entail a health risk," the unit said.
    "In many Greek islands, including Corfu, the presence of foreigners who have tested positive is significant and is causing delays and difficulties for local health authorities in finding adequate accommodation in COVID hotels".
    The unit urged the organisers to inform the young people's families, and cited the possible extra costs linked to these trips.
    Greece is among the countries where young Italians have been stuck in due to COVID outbreaks recently. (ANSA).


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