Tobacconist 'steals' 500,000 euro scratch card from customer

Man informed of criminal complain but not arrested

(ANSA) - ROME, SEP 6 - A Naples tobacconist has been accused of stealing a 500,000-euros-winning scratch card that he allegedly sold to a 69-year-old female pensioner.
    The man, aged 57, was informed that the woman had filed a criminal complaint against him by border police as he tried to embark on a flight to Fuerteventura at Rome's Fiumicino airport at the weekend.
    He was searched but not arrested, sources said.
    The man did not have the winning card on him.
    The authorities have suspended the scratch card, meaning it cannot be cashed in, while investigators establish what happened.
    The tobacconist has reportedly said that the card is his and the woman is lying. (ANSA).


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