Tallacchini, algorithms threaten privacy, and more

Impact on rights such as information, education, credit

Redazione ANSA

"Algorithms 'grind' a lot of data in a very fast way and in a once unmanageable quantity, therefore they threaten and somehow involve our personal data. But I do not consider the data issue as the greatest threat to privacy today, given that privacy is our intimate sphere of autonomy and ability to decide in an independent way what we intend to do. The way in which data is manipulated, processed, reused by algorithms can turn back on us and change our decisions in ways that are not yet accessible, ways we are not even aware of”, explained Tallacchini. 

Even If "this is a problem", it is also true that "now the algorithms are posing more fundamental questions, especially when you deal with anything concerning the so-called 'digital world'. Privacy in terms of personal data protection has been the only one ethical-legal issue that has been tackled in relation to algorithms and th

e digital world up to now and for many years, but today we realize that in other spheres all our rights have already been involved". The scholar mentioned the "right to be able to get correct information, so that we can really live in a democratic society; the right to equitable access to resources and opportunities, especially in the field of education and employment, the right to have access to credit and to be fairly treated and judged when we deal with insurance companies, or even in our buying decisions.

Therefore, all our rights are somehow threatened today by all this”, pointed out Tallacchini. But there is also another problem: that of “risks, that is to say, what are the limits of acceptance of risk before an algorithm, before introducing a certain mechanism in the market? I am thinking of self-driving cars or more complex mechanisms that we entrust with our lives”, she explained.