Del Negro, a world without plastic? It would be wonderful but impossible

Everything we use can have to be reused, recycled and not thrown away in the sea

Redazione ANSA

Is a world without plastic possibile? This we ask out guest Paola del Negro, researcher at the National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics

“I think it will be hard to get to a world without plastic, but it would be wonderful to have an ocean without plastic, because the main issue is that for years we have dumped our garbage in the ocean and now they accumulated in these huge islands of plastic, in big oceanic vortex as big as greenland or france, covering the sea. It's hard to imagine a world without plastic because plastic with its properties, the resistence, the plasticity, has been used to solve many different and important problems in our lives, for instance its use in medicine”, Del Negro said.

“What is important is that everything that we use can be reused, recycled and not thrown away or allowed to get to the sea and the oceans. In France they wrote on sewer grates, on the roads ‘the sea begins here, don't litter’; we have to shift our thinking, that everything we throw away ends up in the Sea”.

In the meanwhile, “the European Union has begun important efforts to phase out single use plastic but we need to make sure that any plastic can be reused and, if we want to dispose of it, can be recycled appropriately. We need to learn that the sea begins on the side of our roads, even if we are in the mountains and far from the sea, because everything ends up there”, ends Del Negro.