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Swiss Guard faints at papal audience

Toddler runs up to pope too

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 18 - A Swiss Guard fainted at Pope Francis' weekly general audience in the Vatican on Wednesday.
    The young man slumped to the floor just behind the pontiff.
    The audience in the Paul VI Room was interrupted for several minutes.
    The Guard was revived amid a loud round of applause and the audience resumed.
    There was another unscheduled moment shortly afterwards when a toddler ran up to Francis and remained beside him for the rest of the audience.
    "We were talking about the relationship between the elderly and youth, and this one was brave, and he's still here behaving himself," quipped Francis.
    During his catechesis the Argentine pontiff said an alliance between youth and the elderly could save humanity. (ANSA).


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