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Ukraine: Send arms under certain conditions - Parolin

Right to defence in case of aggression says Vatican sec of state

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 13 - Countries should send arms to help Ukraine defend itself from the Russian invasion "under determined conditions," Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin reiterated Friday.
    "I'll repeat what I said at the start on sending arms: there is a right to armed defence in the case of aggression, that is also affirmed by the Catechism, under determined conditions," he said.
    "Above all that of proportionality, and then the fact that the response does not produce greater damage than that of the aggression.
    "In that context we speak of 'just war'.
    "The problem of sending arms must be seen within this framework.
    "I understand that it is concretely harder to determine it, but you must have some clear parameters to address it in the most just and moderate manner possible". (ANSA).


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