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Meloni denies 'clash' with Draghi over NRRP

But we must do better adds FdI leader

(ANSA) - ROME, OCT 6 - Brothers of Italy (FdI) leader Giorgia Meloni on Thursday denied having clashed with outgoing Premier Mario Draghi over Italy's post-COVID National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP or PNRR).
    On Wednesday Meloni, who is set to succeed Draghi after FdI led the right coalition to victory in last month's general election, said there were clear delays in the NRRP, which is being funded by close to 200 billion euros of grants and low-interest loans from the EU.
    Draghi said the EU would not have approved the payments of the tranches of funding allocated up to now if there were any delays.
    "It does not seem to me that there has been a clash," Meloni said as she arrived at the Lower House for meetings to prepare her government team.
    "However, the government writes in the NADEF (economic blueprint) that, by the end of the year, it will spend 21 billion of the 29.4 billion we had.
    "So we say, in a constructive spirit, that we must do even better". (ANSA).


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