Singing Nun leaves habit

Cristian Scuccia, 34, won Voice of Italy in 2014

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 21 - Italy's Singing Nun, Sister Cristina, has left the habit and is now just the lay singer Cristina Scuccia.
    Scuccia, winner of The Voice Of Italy 2014, said "If id look backwards I see my journey with a deep sense of gratitude.
    "Change is a sign of evolution, and I'm always afraid of it because it is easier to anchor oneself to one's certainties rather than call oneself into question.
    "But I felt I had to do what I've done.
    "Is there a good or bad? I think that with courage one must only listen to one's heart".
    Scuccia, 34, from Vittoria near Ragusa in Sicily, told Italian prime time TV Sunday evening that although she was doffing her nun's garb and headgear, she was "going to continue to follow my course of faith". (ANSA).


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