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Man who posted '9 ways to commit suicide' probed

Ravenna girl, 14, tried to kill self after seeing 'jokey' video

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 29 - A 28-year-old Italian-Sri Lankan man has been placed under investigation for instigation to commit suicide after a 14-year-old Ravenna girl tried to kill herself after viewing the man's allegedly jokey Youtube video on "nine ways to commit suicide" including drinking a cement milkshake and entering a lions' cage at the zoo.
    Ryan Kuruppu aka 'Creepy Ryan', who came to Italy with his Sri Lankan parents when he was two and who works as a hotel porter, said through his lawyer "I wanted to do irony. Certainly macabre, and perhaps superficial, But it was supposed to be a fun video, nothing more".
    He said he was shocked when Italian postal police raided his home and seized his computer.
    Kuruppu said he had recognized the error of his ways and wanted to apologise to the girl and her parents, who had saved her life.
    "I hope the magistrate understands that I'm a good kid and that never, in all my life, have I wanted to cause other people pain.
    "For the rest I hope that my case could prevent others using Internet lightly: the content we spread can be misunderstood".


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