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Saman's body 'complete, wearing same clothes' say police

Pakistani-Italian woman allegedly killed by family for refusing marriage

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 28 - A body believed to be that of an 18-year-old Pakistani-Italian woman allegedly killed by her family for refusing an arranged marriage is complete and wearing the same clothes as when she disappeared near Reggio Emilia on the night of April 30-May 1 last year, Reggio Emilia Chief Prosecutor Calogero Paci told Italian TV Monday.
    Relatives of Saman Abbas including her uncle, believed to have strangled her, are awaiting trial next February in the case, in which her father is being held pending extradition from Pakistan and her mother is still on the run in the Asian country.
    The uncle took police to the site of her burial outside the family home at Novellara a week ago after searches there had proven fruitless, even with sniffer dogs, because the body was buried over two metres down.
    DNA tests are now being awaited to confirm it is her.
    "A substantially complete body has emerged, which has been well preserved considering the depth at which she was buried for over a year and a half," said the chief prosecutor on Rai and TeleReggio.
    "She was wearing the same clothes at the moment of the burial".
    Paci said these elements "almost" proved it was her body but DNA tests would be needed to confirm this. (ANSA).


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