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Rap band probed for instigation to commit crimes

P38-La Gang homes searched, 'let's return to armed struggle'

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 25 - An Italian rap band have been placed under investigation for instigation to commit crimes, judicial sources said Friday.
    Members of the music band P38-La Gang are under investigation in Turin for incitement to commit crimes, the sources said.
    On Friday morning the Carabinieri and police of Turin, supported by the territorial offices of Bologna, Bergamo and Nuoro, carried out searches against the four members of the band, seizing computer material deemed useful for the continuation of investigations.
    The band members said on their Youtube feed: "it's time to bring back the armed struggle".
    They said "if there were the armed struggle, if there was the revolution, tomorrow I would be the first to go into the streets and ask to be enlisted".
    Police searched the homes of the band members: 'Astore', 27, from Nuoro in Sardinia; 'Papa Dimitri' 34, from Bergamo; 'Jimmy Pentothal', 23, from Milan, linked to Milanese anarchist and anti-system circles; and 'Yung Stalin', 29, a Sicilian who has moved to Bologna. (ANSA).


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