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Giorgetti defends budget bill, says resources targeted

Package inevitably focuses on present issues like energy crisis

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 28 - Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti on Monday defended the government's 2023 budget bill saying that it targetted resources to where they were most needed.
    The package, which features 35 billion euros' worth of new measures, with around 21 billion devoted to helping families and firms cope with soaring energy prices, is about to be presented to parliament.
    The government is committed to "direct resources to where they are most needed", Giorgetti told the 'Lombardia 2030' economic and political forum.
    "Since last summer,' he said, 'there has been a high level of of uncertainty that seems to be spreading into the second part of the year.
    "It is not only a characteristic of the Italian economy, but also of the European and global ones." The government is trying to "avoid the impact of inflation on the lives of companies and the most fragile families".
    "It is an approach," he explained - "that requires working with the utmost attention by directing available resources to the sectors where there is the greatest need".
    Giorgetti went on to say that the budget was "inevitably" focused on current and short-term issues like the cost of living crisis and energy squeeze.
    "The action of the executive is inevitably squeezed on the present to limit the impact of the energy crisis and inflation on businesses and families, safeguarding public finance sustainability.
    "It is an approach that requires us to intervene with the utmost attention, directing resources towards the sectors of greatest attention", he reiterated. (ANSA).


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