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Water restored to Courmayeur

After major disruption after landslide severed aqueduct

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 8 - Water was restored to the Italian Alpine resort of Courmayeur Monday after a landslide hit an aqueduct on Thursday night, cutting off supplies.
    The council in the chic ski resort near Mt Blanc said work to repair the aqueduct had been "substantially completed".
    The lack of water had spurred protests by hoteliers, restaurateurs and the many holiday makers who choose the resort to get away from the steamy 'afa' heat of August in Italy.
    The council said the aqueduct's reservoirs were gradually being replenished and supplies to all the municipal territory would be gradually restored.
    But it cautioned that drinking water must still be boiled before consumption because if may contain impurities.
    The incident had caused considerable disruption to tourist activities at one of Italy's best known mountain holiday spots.


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