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Man shoots, hurts wife after car chase

Woman not in life-threatening condition near Parma

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 8 - A man shot and injured his wife near Parma after a car chase on Sunday.
    The woman drove off after the couple's umpteenth row and the man jumped into his car and gave chase armed with a gun, police said.
    A radio dispatcher managed to get the couple and a police car to converge at a Carabinieri barracks.
    The man got off two shots before the police arrested him.
    The woman was winged and is not in a life-threatening condition.
    The incident took place late on saturday night and early on Sunday morning at Soragna, south of Parma.
    The man, 60, and the woman, 50, both Italian, had frequently had arguments in the past, neighbours told police.
    But they had never degenerated so far and the woman had not reported domestic violence, police said.
    During the chase the man rammed his wife's car several times in a bid to force her to stop.
    The woman called emergency services and the dispatcher tried to keep her calm while sending police to the area.
    The dispatcher instructed the woman to drive to the barracks where police were awaiting the pair.
    But before the police could stop the man he shot twice in her direction, hitting her once in the shoulder. (ANSA).


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