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Man beats wife to death with stick

Woman found in pool of blood outside Turin

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 8 - A 73-year-old Italian man beat his 73-year-old Italian wife to death with a stick in a small town outside Turin on Sunday.
    The man, a pensioner named Giovenale Aragno, killed Silvana Arena with a number of blows which only an autopsy will be able to establish, police said.
    Neighbours said the couple, who have two daughters, often fought, over money and the health of one of their daughters.
    Aragano was described as a man with a violent temper.
    The femicide, the latest in a wave in Italy, came at the end of their umpteenth quarrel.
    Medics were unable to do anything for the victim who was found in a pool of blood.
    Aragno phoned emergency services after killing his wife but only spoke of a generic assault, police said.
    He used a 66 cm long stick to kill Arena.
    She was struck down as she tried to reach the balcony to call for aid, police said.
    The incident took place at Venaria Reale, the site of a UNESCO listed Savoy ex hunting lodge and exhibition space. (ANSA).


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