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Air fares soar amid cost of living crisis

Fast flight to Beijing now over 10,000 euros says Assoutenti

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 8 - Italian air fare are soaring amid the country's cost of living crisis and the fastest ticket from Rome to Beijing now comes in at over 10,000 euros, consumer group Assutenti said at the weekend.
    Average fares have risen by over 160% this summer, it said.
    "Air travel is now a luxury business, for the rich," it said.
    A one-way flight to Sydney from Fiumicino will set you back some 1,600 euros, and 1,580 from Milan's Malpensa.
    Flying to Singapore from either airport costs some 1,200 euros while Tokyo costs 950 euros, one-way again.
    Flying to Jakarta is only 685 euros from Milan but 1,340 from Rome, while New York costs 1,200 from Fiumicino and 915 from Malpensa.
    The situation reverses if the destination is Mexico City: 1,184 from the capital and 1,263 from the Lombard hub.
    A round trip to Mykonos costs 395 euros from Milan and 292 from Rome, to Tenerife 520 euros from Rome and 441 from Milan, while London costs 419 from Fiumicino and Paris 314 from Rome and 113 from Milan.
    These are the basic fares, without all the extras "which can bump up the cost by very many euros", Assoutenti said. (ANSA).


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