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Ciatti's father blasts 15-yr term for son's homicide

'We'll keep fighting' says dad after Spanish ruling

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 5 - The father of Niccolò Ciatti, a 22-year-old Italian beaten to death in August 2017 in a night club in the Spanish seaside resort of Lloret de Mar, on Tuesday blasted the decision by a Girona judge to give Rassoul Bissoultanov, the Chechen man found guilty of the homicide, a jail term of 15 years.
    Luigi Ciatti said via Facebook that the judge had given Bissoultanov the minimum sentence possible.
    "I think he should study the world justice," he said, adding that his family's fight for justice would go on.
    "I think he really should change job.
    "We're faced with people who should be on our side.
    "Instead, they are at the side of the killers.
    "You are the shame of the civilized world". (ANSA).


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