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Brothers get life for kicking to death Cape Verdian chef

MMA experts Bianchis found guilty of Willy Duarte murder

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 4 - Two brothers got life in prison Monday for kicking to death a 21-year-old Cape-Verdian-Italian chef near Rome in September 2020.
    Twenty-something mixed martial art experts Marco and Gabriele Bianchi were found guilty of the savage beating of Willy Monteiro Duarte at Colleferro after he intervened to try to stop a fight.
    Duarte, who became a symbol of the youth street violence sweeping Italy, was beaten to death on September 6, 2020 after stepping in to defend a friend.
    In October 2020 President Sergio Mattarella awarded one of Italy's top honours, the gold medal, posthumously to Duarte and another person also recently killed while trying to help others, 51-year-old priest Father Roberto Malgesini.
    Malgesini, who worked to help the poor and marginalised, was stabbed to death in central Como by a homeless migrant with mental-health problems.
    Duarte's brutal murder sparked calls for police to crack down on youth street violence, after a spate of other episodes.
    Among the responses was the 'Willy DASPOban', which carries penalties of stiff fines and jail terms between six months and two years.
    Youth street fights are becoming more common in Italy.
    The Italian media has increasingly focused on street gangs linked to rappers, some of them second-generation North African immigrants. (ANSA).


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