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Food diminishes, clang of weapons increases - Pope

Back to 'drama of Cain and Abel' with Ukraine says Francis

(ANSA) - ROME, JUN 23 - Pope Francis on Thursday lamented the fact that conflict was causing food crises in many parts of the world and said that "we have returned to the drama of Cain and Abel" with the war in Ukraine.
    "A life-destroying violence has been unleashed (in Ukraine)," the Argentine pontiff said as he addressed representatives of ROACO, a church organization providing aid and assistance to Christians across the Middle East.
    "A luciferous, diabolical violence, to which we believers are called to react with the power of prayer, with the concrete help of charity, with every Christian means so that weapons give way to negotiations." The Pope said he hoped for peace soon, but admitted that "everything seems to be going in the opposite direction: Food diminishes and the clang of weapons increases". (ANSA).


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