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FTSE Italia All-Share Index-0.93%-
FTSE Italia Mid Cap Index-0.52%-
FTSE Italia STAR Index-0.43%-
FTSE MIB Index-1.12%-


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Dollaro USA1.0463+
Lira sterlina0.8661+
Franco svizzero0.9872+
Dollaro australiano1.5632+
Dollaro canadese1.4062+
Dollaro di Hong Kong8.1782+


Cd bring more 'flavour' to discipline, Francis tells commission

More women theologians needed says Pope

More women theologians are needed in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis said Thursday. In an audience with the International Theological Commission, Francis said women could give a "different flavour" to theology.

Boost fraternity and peace among peoples-Francis after audience

May World Cup be chance for harmony among nations says Pope

Pope Francis said Wednesday he hoped the World Cup in Qatar would be a chance for harmony among nations.

Jews and Christians' shared heritage shd spur action for peace

Stop 'sacrilegious' war in Ukraine says Pope

We must stop the "sacrilegious" war in Ukraine, Pope Francis told the World Jewish Congress Tuesday.

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