Soccer: Milan out of Europa League

TopNews. Seven-time European champions AC Milan crashed out of the Europa League in the group stage on Thursday when they lost 3-1 at Olympiacos. Lazio make it through to the knockout stage of the competition despite losing 2-1 at home to Eintracht Frankfurt.

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FTSE MIB-0.72%-


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Francis greets 10 new ambassadors to Holy See

Moral responsibility to receive migrants - Pope Francis

Pope Francis said Thursday that the international community has a "moral responsibility" to receive migrants.

Pontiff to take part in interfaith meeting says Vatican

Pope Francis to visit Abu Dhabi in February

The Vatican said Thursday that Pope Francis will visit Abu Dhabi in February.

'Jesus realises this, does not end up their hostage'

Danger for leaders to get too attached to people - Pope

Pope Francis said at his general audience Wednesday that "it is a danger for leaders to get too attached to people, not to keep their distance". He said "Jesus realises this and does not end up a hostage to the people".

In the soul, family and world

Advent a time to make peace says Pope

At his morning Mass at the Casa Santa Marta on Tuesday, Pope Francis spoke about how Christians can prepare for Christmas during Advent by building peace in one's soul, in the family and in the world through humility, according to Vatican News.

Bring down walls, build bridges tells young people

Banish war from planet and history says Pope

Pope Francis told young people from the Associazione Rondine-Cittadella della Pace group Monday that "we must definitively remove war from the planet and the history of humanity".

On feast of St Andrew

Christians must provide credible witness with lives - Pope

Christians must provide credible witness with their lives, POpe Francis said Friday, according to Vatican News.

Universiade 2019


Universiade: under 200 days to go

Games presentation on Saturday in Naples central railway station


Universiade:athletes to get airport help

Topic focus of FISU meeting in Braga


Universiade working with campuses for language volunteers

FISU recommends high number for 'perfect hosting'