Skiing: Goggia in WC downhill double at Lake Louise

Sports. Italy's Sofia Goggia won the weekend's two downhills at lake Louse taking her overhaul world cup downhill haul to 14, one of the best of all skiers. They were the 18th and 19th world cup victories for the 30-year-old from Bergamo.

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'History repeats itself' Francis says at general audience

Pope compares Ukraine war to Nazi murder of Jews

Pope Francis on Wednesday compared what is happening in Ukraine following the Russian invasion to "Operation Reinhardt", the extermination plan carried out by the Nazis against Polish Jews during World War II.

Ukraine To be sent to cold Ukrainians within a month says papal almoner

Vatican collects thermal vests to take to Ukraine

The Vatican has collected a large amount of thermal vests to take to Kyiv and help Ukrainians hit by Russian missile strike linked power cuts keep warm this winter, Vatican Almoner Cardinal Konrad Krajewski said Monday.

Not side effects of war Francis tells 'leaders for peace'

Destroying civilian structures an international crime-Pope

Russia's continued hail of missiles destroying civilian structures in Ukraine is an international crime, Pope Francis said Friday.

Congo, South Sudan trip had been put off in July due to knee issue

Pope Francis to visit Africa Jan 31-Feb 5

Congo, South Sudan trip had been put off in July due to knee issue

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